Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Searcher of Souls Pt 4

     After a good restful nap, Kate woke up feeling a lot better and forgetful of the decision she would have to make in two days. She sat there on the couch staring off into space with the visions of taking the souls from other people. She saw herself dressed in the long, black hooded robe, standing over dying or severely injured people wanting help as she sucked the soul from their body. It was a horrible thought to see their body go lifeless because of her.
     She finally bounced back to reality and got up off of the couch. She went into the kitchen to get something to drink and when she turned around, there was the tall, dark shadow standing in front of her. Kate spoke to it loudly stating that she had two days to give him an answer and then it reached out its hand taking hers as they whisked away and before she knew it, they were standing next to a serious car accident.
     Kate could hear people screaming and yelling out in pain wanting help. She felt so bad for them and wanted to help them but she was not able to. The dark shadow led her around by the hand as he took the souls of the dying. Kate almost broke down in tears as she watched their bodies go lifeless. One by one, he ripped their souls from their injured dying bodies as Kate stood looking in horror.
     Before she knew it, he had taken the last and within a blink of her eye, they were standing back in her kitchen. She kept asking him why he was doing this to her, only to get no response. This started to make Kate frustrated but she had to face the fact that her decision would affect the rest of her life. She had no knowledge that she was being given two days to say her goodbyes and to take care of her final human business.
     After a few minutes, the dark shadow disappeared right before her eyes in a cloud of dark gray smoke. Kate was left standing there with herself almost in tears due to her frustrations of taking another human's life. She has been given the choice of becoming a grim reaper or death and the loss of her own soul. She quickly went into the living room and grabbed her telephone book of numbers. She started skimming through the pages and calling her friends to talk to them which might be the last time she ever hears their voice.
     Kate spent the rest of the day and evening talking to her friends and having a good time. She thought to herself that she will miss a lot of things when she is gone and then she knew the decision she had to make. She was fearful of losing her soul but knew that if she was a grim reaper she would still be able to see her loved one every now and then from a distance.
     When she was done talking to her friends and said her goodbyes, she went into the bathroom to shower and get dressed for bed. Her sleep would bring her no comfort and the nightmares of her experiences with the dark shadow will haunt her mind. She knows what she has to do and which decision to make, but would it be the right one? When she wakes from the night she will have one day remaining and needs to take care of a few last things. With these thoughts in mind, Kate finally fell asleep snug in her bed.
     The next morning, Kate woke up wiping her eyes and thinking about the things she had to do. After laying there in the bed, she got her thoughts together before climbing out and heading for the bathroom. Once she had relieved herself and washed her hands, she left the bathroom heading for the kitchen. She walked in and started a pot of coffee while she cleaned up the kitchen a little.
     When it was ready, she grabbed a cup, a tablet, and headed over to the table. She sat down and made a list of everything she wanted and needed to accomplish today. It wasn't a short list, but it was long enough to fill her day up. She drank her coffee as she thought about the things on her list. Then, she prioritized them in order. Kate found herself being frustrated by her list after many times of crinkling the paper up, tossing it, and starting over. It was becoming monotonous to her.
     She finally got her list completed and prioritized and went ahead and started on the first one. She made her last will and testament to leave all of her earthly belongings to her surviving family and friends. Once that was done, she took it down to the courthouse and had it notarized and then took a copy to her bank to make sure all of her final wishes would be completed. The next thing on her list was to meet her close friends for lunch at an extravagant restaurant.
     After Kate spent an hour or so eating lunch with her friends, she headed off to finish her list before heading home. It took almost the whole day to get her list done but it was completed. When she arrived back home, she was exhausted and her body ached so she ran herself a hot bath to soak in. She placed lit candles and burnt some incense while she soaked in a hot bubble bath. She knew it would be her last night alive.
     After her bath, she got out, dried herself off, and put on her favorite fuzzy robe. She went into the kitchen and turned on the stove to brew some hot tea. Kate stood there in the kitchen while waiting for the water to boil and thought about everything that she stood to lose. It was depressing to think about but she knew there was no other way. Her water started to boil and she poured some into her cup with a tea bag and steeped it until ready to drink.
     She took her tea when it was ready and walked into the living room sitting down on her couch. She savored her tea as it relaxed her mind and body. She was now ready for her new life and what would transpire thereafter. She sat calmly on her couch waiting for the dark shadow to appear because he never gave her a set time, just two days. After she finished her tea, she grabbed her soft throw blanket and cuddled up on the couch watching an old movie which was a favorite of hers before falling off to sleep. Kate was unaware that she would never wake up in the physical form, but she slept soundly.