Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Werewolf Files- What's for Dinner?

     Upon waking the next morning, I found myself fully rested and ready to tackle another day. It was Friday and I was glad to see it come which meant I had the weekend off to finish my research before the next full moon. I sprang from the bed and wrapped up in my robe before heading over to the kitchen. I walked into the room and noticed I had left the book I was reading open to the next chapter which was ""What a Werewolf Eats". So I walked over to the coffee maker and started to brew a cup of hot coffee to wake me up a little more and grabbed a pastry from the cabinet to go with the coffee.
     Once the coffee had finished brewing, I made a big cup and grabbed my pastry from the counter and headed over to the dining room table to enjoy my breakfast while beginning the next chapter of my research. I found it fascinating the things that I read. A werewolf was a carnivore but it ate mainly other animals and only attacked humans when threatened or cornered. That doesn't sound like anything I want to happen, but I kept reading while sipping my french roasted coffee. Most of the animals that a werewolf consumed were forest animals: deer, foxes, mountain lions, and other smaller wolves. and not humans. They only attack the humans but not to consume them which almost always left a bloody mess of body parts and human remains if the bodies were never discovered until years later.
     I got so completely enthralled with my reading that I didn't notice the time and I had to leave for work because today was vaccination day for every animal in the zoo and guess who had to administer each and every vaccine but yours truly. That was like a ballpark figure of approximately two hundred and thirty-three animals not including any newborns who were ready for theirs. So my day was going to be a full one and a long one on top of it. It is good for the animals and the handlers to be safe if ever injured by another animal. I do love my animals but they can be so time-consuming not to mention brats when it comes to vaccinations. So, off to work I went to exhaust myself with the animals, and that is why I am glad it is Friday.
     Once I got to the zoo, I noticed my assistant had the check off list and the vaccinations ready to go for me. I set my stuff on my desk and went over the procedures with my assistant before heading out the door. I wanted to make sure everything went smoothly and my assistant did inform me we had seventeen newborns ready for their first vaccinations, so that made it two-hundred and fifty vaccines to administer in one day. I had my work cut out for me today. Thank God for assistant's because without them I don't think I could get through my days here at the zoo with so many animals.
     One by one we went through each habitat administering vaccines to each animal and then cuddling them for a minute to make sure there were going to be no reactions to the vaccine. Some of the animals were so playful and sweet but the bigger animals were not so much into hugging and cuddling which was fine by me. I mean who cares about hugging a crocodile or a hippopotamus. That is just so weird and not to mention how difficult it is to administer the shots without being their main course on the menu. Some of these procedures have to be planned with care due to the dangerous conditions with certain animals. I guess that makes them somewhat like a human because I know quite a few humans who don't like shots either..
     Once we made our rounds in the zoo we headed over to the newborn's facility to administer their vaccinations. They were a lot more fun because they were so cute and easy to manage. I almost fell in love with all of them because they love the attention, affection, and cuddling. It seems like the newborn's handled their vaccinations a lot better than some of the adults. Which made it easier for me that is why they were left to be last on the check off list. When we finished with all the cuddling and loving, we closed up the facility and headed back over to the office. You would think that we would be done for the day but not yet. We still have to record on the computer all the tag numbers to each animal and their expiration date so that we know when the next time vaccinations are due.
     While we were finishing up with the logs, my assistant commented on how there was going to be a full moon in three weeks and I fumbled with the keys on the keyboard in fear. I almost thought that he knew what I was but I got a hold of myself and corrected my errors on the computer. No one could possibly know what is going on with me I have kept it a secret and told no one. I went ahead and finished up the logs and quickly thought to myself that I needed to hurry with my research before that next full moon. I got everything closed up and locked and made notes for the weekend shift and headed out the door got into my car and drove straight home.
     Once I was at home, I got some iced tea and made a quick sandwich before sitting down at the dining room table with all these books in front of me. I began where I left off and continued to read about the eating habits of werewolves and it sounded kind of disgusting but who am I to judge what someone eats when we eat other animals too, just different types. Once reading the explicit parts of how they tear their meat apart suddenly my sandwich didn't taste as good as it did a few minutes prior. I had to put it down and push it away from me.
     So all I gather so far is that they mainly consume other animals and not humans. Why does this make them so bad when their behavior is so much like any other animal who is hungry or defends themselves. That didn't make any sense at all to me but who am I to question the thoughts of others who have experienced these animals first hand. All I know is that I didn't want to hurt anyone and I had to find a way to fix this situation so that no one doesn't get hurt.
     So, let me review their behavior quickly, they hunt at night which makes them nocturnal, they only eat other animals which are related to what humans eat, and only attack humans when cornered or threatened. I think that sums it up enough to understand for now. So I need to set things up to protect myself and others in the event I can't find a cure before the next full moon in three weeks. What can I do? I thought long and hard about what can be done to keep me inside my house until morning on the night of the full moon. Things weren't looking so good because what else the book was telling me was that a werewolf is very strong and the turning can be brutal. So I need to figure out how to restrain myself during the turning and afterward to keep safe and from harming anyone.
     The one thing that hit me was going to the hardware store and buying some really thick and strong chains to hold me but where in my house would be strong enough to hold? I know I just can't chain myself to the wall for it is too easy to damage and bathroom fixtures definitely won't work. I walked around my house examining everything and everywhere that I could possibly chain myself up and it would hold. I was getting nothing until I went down into the basement and noticed that there were concrete columns holding the house up and supporting it, so f they can support the weight of a house who says they can't restrain a werewolf. I finally had an idea and the perfect place because all the noise would not be heard from my basement.
     I ran back upstairs, grabbed my purse and headed out to the car. I started it up and drove down to the neighborhood hardware store and started looking in the chain section. there were so many chains and I didn't have schematics to buy the right one. It was pretty much a guessing game until one of the store associates came over to assist and I politely told him I needed a chain that would hold a two- hundred pound dog that I had at home. I informed the associate that he broke his last chain so I needed a pretty strong one. He started assisting me with looking at different chains until we came across one that was strong enough to hold three hundred pounds which for me that should be suitable. So I bought approximately ten feet of it and a couple other necessities to go with it and a padlock. I think I had everything so I checked out and took the bags to the car. I put them into the trunk and went around to get into the car and drove home. Before I got home I stopped at a fast food place to get a bite since my sandwich was ruined and then headed home.
     I got home and brought all the bags inside and took them immediately to the basement before gathering all the tools I will need to situate things. I grabbed the chain and wrapped it around the concrete column before attaching the steel bracket which will be padlocked around my neck, Once I was finished and everything set up it was time to go back upstairs and finish some more research. I got back up into the dining room and sat back in my chair at the table and began reading more of the book on their behavior now that I have a backup if one is needed. it was truly fascinating how these creatures survived. I thought they were just a myth but now after some research they did in fact exist but were thought to be extinct. So how is it that one bit me at the zoo? Did they miss judge their existence and only believed them to be extinct?
     Well, my eyes were getting strained after reading so much so I closed the book and pushed it away from me even though I felt attracted to learn more. I needed a break and my head was starting to hurt so I got up from the table and went into the living room and collapsed on the couch. I grabbed the remote control and clicked on the television for some down time. I found a movie on and got myself comfortable where I would be for the rest of the evening. Now that I have some background on werewolves and a backup plan, my step would be trying to find a cure. But not tonight, I am really exhausted and my brain fried so I will stay on this couch until tomorrow before looking to discover the cure to being a werewolf.

Friday, December 9, 2016

The Werewolf Files- Every Full Moon

     After finding out what had bitten me and discovering it was in my blood, I panicked for a bit and had to get myself together. I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to do but I needed to calm down. I grabbed a cup of coffee and put some clothes on. I sat at my desk and started doing research on this strange phenomena and found that I would myself turn into this werewolf on every full moon. I thought that a little crazy and kept researching. I found pictures people have taken over the centuries on these strange beasts and quite frankly I became a little scared. I read articles of how these wolves were hunted because of numerous killings and murders. I did not want to be hunted so I needed to try and find out what I could do.
     Now that I knew what was happening to me it explained a lot of the things I was noticing that were different, like the heightened sense of smell, the pure vision, and of course waking up in the wolf habitat. All I knew was that I needed to get this under control until I figured out what to do next. I knew I needed more information so I got up and headed for the library to see what books they had on werewolves. Once there, all I could find were horror stories involving werewolves. I finally went into the mythological section where I found books about the histories of werewolves, their habits, and their demise. I checked out a few books to take home to read up on the wonderful world of being a werewolf.
     First, I headed back to work to finish out the day. Once I got there, my assistant had already made all the rounds getting fecal and blood samples for me to analyze. I spent the rest of the day testing all of the samples and logging the information into the books. Everyone started leaving around six o'clock but I stayed because I wanted to go around myself and say goodnight to all my animals since I didn't get to see them this morning, except when I was waking up in the wolf habitat. As I got close to any of the animal habitats it was as if I was a monster or intruder to them. The animals were acting up and going crazy growling at me showing their teeth.
     As I got near the wolf habitat they reacted in the same way for a few minutes before finally calming down and realizing who I was. I walked over to their fence line and reached my hand inside. All of them came over and smelled my hand before licking on it. It looked like they were happy to see me. I began talking to them while they licked my hand asking them questions about that other wolf inside their habitat. I knew they would not answer me but it was comforting to know that I had someone to talk too about the situation. You know, voice my emotions and frustrations about the whole wolf thing. Then I told each one goodnight before leaving to close up the office.
     I walked back to my lonely office and gathered my things and locked up for the night. On the drive home, I found myself constantly looking up at the bright moon in the sky. I wondered what my life would be like now that I'm a werewolf. It's not like I get many dates now as it is, this is just an added benefit I guess. I looked over into the passenger seat and saw the stack of library books and realized my night was going to be a long one. I patted my hand on the stack of books and made the comment "I have a date with you fellas tonight".
     Once I got home I carried the stack of books into my dining room setting them on the table, I walked into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee and grabbed a snack from the fridge. While the coffee was brewing I walked over and tapped the playback button on my voicemail and listened to the many voice mails of the day that were on it. After a few messages, there was one from my mother who only wishes I would find a man, get married, and give her some grandchildren. I was not that interested in what she wanted right now, I have more important things to deal with.
     Once the coffee was ready, I grabbed a cup and sat down at the dining room table and started looking through books. I started at the beginning as to what a werewolf was and how it was created. I found some pretty cool information about the werewolf that the movies never tell you, like how they first originated. I found that a werewolf was a mutant creation between a dog and a wolf. Yet somehow some scientist added some human DNA and genetically transformed the mutant so that it could also infect a human and the DNA could survive and mutate. My only question would be why he would want to cross a human with a dog anyway. So there you have it as to how a werewolf happened to be a creature and not just a myth.
     After sitting at the table and a whole pot of coffee later, I looked up and saw that it was three o'clock in the morning and I had to get some sleep so that I could get up in a few hours to make it to work. I placed a marker where I was leaving off in the book and closed it. I got up, turned off all the lights and headed for bed. I figured I would shower in the morning when I got up, so I climbed into my pajamas and then into my nice soft bed. There would be another day of research for me tomorrow.
     A few hours later when the alarm was ringing off my nightstand, I climbed out of bed and headed for the shower. It felt so good being under the hot water that it woke me up and got me clean too. Once out of the shower, I got another pot of coffee started to wake up with and made a quick breakfast of eggs and toast. While I sat down eating my breakfast I couldn't seem to take my eyes off of the book in front of me. I then hurried to eat and got my stuff ready for work and grabbed the book for some lunch time reading and headed out the door.
     Once I made it to work I placed the book inside my desk drawer so no one would see it and headed off to do my rounds. I had noticed that my hand wasn't hurting anymore while I was walking around to the different habitats. I stopped to see all my babies in their habitats and left the wolf habitat for last. Once I was at the wolf habitat, I spent more time with the wolves and reassured them I was still me regardless of the situation. After taking care of them and giving them a little affection I headed back to my office
     Everyone went to lunch about eleven thirty and it gave me some time to sit and read some more of the werewolf book. I found it rather interesting to learn about a creature I thought was just a myth to be a real creature of man's doing. I kept reading more and more on how this creature was created and why the moon had any effect on it. It seemed that when the moon is full, the earth's magnetic field became stronger which caused the DNA of a werewolf to change. It basically pulled the beast out of the human.
     While still reading the book, my assistant walked in the door and I hurried and put the book back in the drawer. It was time to resume the testing on samples but I could not get the things I read out of my head. I became drawn to the book like it was my life's blood. The day just seemed to creep on and last forever until it was finally six o'clock in the evening and everyone was gone already. I grabbed my stuff and the book from the drawer and closed up the office. I went out of the gate and got into my car knowing that there was going to be another long night ahead of me.
       Once home I did the same ritual as the night before and that was starting a pot of coffee and grabbing a snack before sitting at the dining room table and researching more. I was also writing in my werewolf journal about my days and nights since waking that morning in the zoo naked. Once I was ready and had everything I needed I sat down and began reading and making notes. I was enthralled by the traits of a werewolf and how they lived, what they ate, and just their behavior as a whole. I know it was late and my eyes were drowsy when I noticed the time and it was that time that I needed to go to bed before starting the next chapter of the book which is what werewolves eat, so I will head to bed and begin another day. Good night.

Monday, December 5, 2016

The Werewolf Files- The Beginning

     It seemed like any other ordinary day here at the zoo. Going around and looking after all the animals and making sure the guests try not to disturb them too much. It is a peaceful life here at the zoo and I want to keep it that way. It was May seventeenth when my life changed and I'm not sure if it was for the better. I am a single woman with a Master's Degree in Biology who made it my life's work to take care of our inferior species. My day consists of feeding, taking fecal and blood samples for testing to make sure the animals are healthy, and maintaining them in every way possible. If an animal was not responding well or seemed agitated I would close that attraction down for their safety as well as for the guests.
     Now I might not look like much being that I'm five foot eight, long brown hair, fairly tanned skin on an athletic body, but I do know how to take care of these animals no matter what size or shape they are. Some guys cringe at the thought of what I do for a living especially when i tell them how I take fecal samples which seem to be a real turn off to them. Anyway, I am good at my job and wouldn't change anything about my life or at least try not too. Maybe one day I'll get married and have kids and live happily ever after but I don't see that happening any time soon.
     I go to work five days a week and on call for the weekends but everything seemed to be going good until one day when I was making my rounds and checking on the animals. I noticed when I did a head check at the wolves habitat that there was one wolf more than what was logged in the book. I show that we have five wolves on paper but keep counting six wolves. I should not be worried but it was something to look into. Maybe we got a new one and someone forgot to log it into the books but I will double check. I noticed that the other wolves were a little agitated so I shut that habitat down for guests until I figure out what is going on.
     That evening after we had closed the zoo, I went to recheck the logs for our unaccounted for visitor. I could not find anything on any new wolves added to the zoo, so where did it come from. Everyone else had left for the evening but I decided to go back around to the wolves habitat to check on their status. It seemed like all the wolves were on one side of the habitat except for the unaccounted one. It was on the opposite side of the habitat by itself. I could feel the tension inside the habitat and wanted a further look.
     I mad my way around to the entrance door of the habitat. I slowly opened it and took a peak inside. Now our wolves all know me and are pretty harmless and tame but this new one is causing some strife and an uneasy feeling with the others so I need to proceed with caution. Once inside the habitat I went over to our wolves who greeted me pretty fairly but they kept a watchful eye on the new wolf. I couldn't quite figure it out but was making an advancement towards the new wolf. I was being as cautious as I could be and slowly moving towards it. It had a brownish black coat, a sharp pointed snout, and the most amazing greenish yellow eyes. This was not your average wolf, and I know my wolves.
     As I moved closer to it, it crunched down and had a slight growl. I stepped a little closer and reached out my hand in a friendly manner when all of a sudden it lunged forward and bit my hand. I immediately withdrew my hand and had to wrap it in my shirt to try and stop the bleeding. It burned fiercely and I made my way walking backwards until I got to the entrance door. Before leaving the habitat I noticed that my wolves were more agitated and growling loudly at the new wolf. It was becoming a serious situation but I needed medical attention.
     I made it back to the office and found the first aid kit to address my wound. When I removed my shirt that was wrapped around my hand I got the first glimpse of my mangled hand. It looked like something out of a horror movie. It was bleeding profusely and some of the skin was hanging off the bone. This wolf really took a nice bite. I needed stitches so I headed out to my car and drove myself to the hospital emergency room. When I got there, I told them who I was and what happened. The nurse took me back in a hurry because there was the thought of rabies since the bite was from an unknown animal. I went to the examine room and was soon met by a doctor. My hands had soaked through the bandage I had in place and when the doctor removed it he was in shock to find my hand so mangled.
     He asked a nurse to come in and give me an injection of pain killer and a numbing agent so they could stitch my hand up. I had not even contemplated how much pain I was really in due to shock I guess. After ninety three stitches, my hand was better but looked like a Frankenstein moment. I watched as the nurse applied a dressing to my hand and then gave me an injection of a broad spectrum antibiotic plus a rabies shot vaccine just in case. I was given an arm sling to keep from using my hand until it healed. They did have an x-ray taken of my hand which showed numerous fractures across my hand so I was put on restriction of not using my hand for eight weeks. I don't know how that was going to work due to my job but my hand had to heal. Once I got home after picking up a pain killer prescription along with an antibiotic I went to lounge back on my couch. The pain killer injection really started to set in and I found myself really drowsy and incoherent. I laid back on the couch and fell asleep for the night.
     The next morning, I woke up still on the couch and my hand was throbbing so I took a pain killer before getting dressed for work. After getting dressed in my uniform I started out the door. Driving was a special task when you are on pain killers but somehow I managed to get to work without any issues. I went into my office and had all the questions from everyone as to what happened to my hand. When I started asking about the sixth wolf in the habitat, one of my assistants came in and said he only counted five wolves in the habitat. That was strange, so I decided to go take a look for myself.
     I went down to the habitat and sure enough there was only fives wolves in the habitat, but what happened to the sixth one? I told everyone that there was a sixth wolf inside the habitat that was making the others agitated and that it was that sixth wolf who took a bite out my hand. They were all just as confused as me because when the head count was done this morning there were only five wolves. I scratched my head with disbelief and then got set up to start my day. I needed an assistant to help with things due to my injury and not being able to perform my duties.
     As the day went on I started to notice things differently. I was more heightened in my sensory abilities meaning that I could smell things more sharply. I felt strange but I chocked it up to the pain killers and went about my day. It was pleasant waling around and checking on the animals I have grown so fond of. The wolves in the habitat were glad to see me and came over to the fence for me to pet. One moved back after sniffing my bandaged hand and began howling. The next thing I knew all of the wolves were howling and becoming agitated again. I walked away confused at what just happened and wondered if there was more to this story of a wolf just biting me.
     I went home and decided to do some investigative work on this new wolf. I searched for wolves that even resembled the one who bit me and found nothing. I know I wasn't losing my mind and actually did see a sixth wolf in the habitat because I have the wound to prove it. As hard as it seemed I wasn't about to give up on finding this new wolf. I searched all night with nothing to go on. It was becoming daylight outside and I needed to shower before going to work.
     It had been twenty-four hours since this bandage was wrapped around my hand and I needed to change it. I slowly and carefully unwrapped my hand to find that the wounds were becoming infected. I was taking the antibiotic as prescribed but my hand looked so inflamed and was oozing a little greenish pus. I washed it off and applied some antibiotic cream to the wounds and re-bandaged it. It hurt a little but not as much as you would think being that infection was setting in. I got to work and noticed all the different and new smells that I was sensing. I could smell cotton candy like it was right in front of me but actually it was being made all the way across the zoo. I could smell things that were a distance away like I was standing right in front of it.
     I had no clue as to what was going on and it made me try to think of what I could do to find out. After making my rounds I went back to my office and started doing some research on animal bites specifically wolf bites. There was not a lot of information on the Internet about wolf bites and it seemed like I needed to go back to the emergency room to have it checked out but I wanted to give it a few days to see if the antibiotics would work.
     A few days later, I noticed that my hand wasn't hurting anymore. I slowly unwrapped it and saw that it was bruising around it and that it had a green scab over the top of it. I thought that it was healing and re wrapped it back up but I was still short on recovery time to allow the fractures to heal. At least I knew it was healing. I carried on at work with my assistants help and took care of my animals like nothing ever happened except it did happen and I am one hand short of completing my job. Thank God for an assistant to help me with basic stuff like fecal samples to which I can't get near my hand for risk of infection.
     Everyday I noticed something new with my senses and my body. I felt like a different person and not like myself. I found myself eating things I don't normally eat like vegetables I would never touch, and I wanted my meat a little less cooked. When I realized what I was doing I was eating meat pretty much raw and under cooked but I wanted it so bad. It tasted delicious and I wanted more. I had to find out what was going on and fast.
     I took a few days off from work and got plenty of rest, but one night would change my life forever. It was the first full moon of the year and it seemed like every other full moon night until I found myself changing. My hand began throbbing so I unwrapped it and found strange coarse hairs growing around each of the wounds. I couldn't make sense of it until I started hurting all over. I felt like all the bones in my body were breaking and moving. I fell off of the couch and onto the floor. My body was on fire and hurting. I could feel the transformation of my limbs and then my face was becoming disfigured. I started crying out because I was in so much pain.
     The pain seemed to get worse as the transfiguration progressed. My hands were stretching and forming claws, my whole face disfigured and starting to grow hair. My spine felt like it was being stretched and I don't know how much more I could stand. My sight was becoming more keen and sharp, I felt every single tooth in my mouth, and then the hair proceeded to grow all over my body. I made it to the bathroom to see what was going on in the mirror. I didn't like what I saw looking back at me. I looked like a deranged dog with huge fangs. My eyes were greenish yellow just like the wolf in the habitat. Now that I think about it, I was starting to look more and more like him. I screamed out but it soon turned to howling. I made it out the back door and found myself running away from home in search of what, I didn't know. I had to find out why I was turning into a dog.
     The next morning, I woke up in the wolf habitat at the zoo, dazed and confused. I eventually realized I was stark naked. I looked up to see all my wolves standing over me licking my face. It was almost as if I was part of their family. I got up and made my way to the entrance door and got out of the habitat. I had blood stains over my body and ran to my office. I began panicking while dazed and confused all at once. I took out an empty notebook and started keeping track like a daily journal. I noted everything from what I had to eat to other things. Why was I changing? I started doing more research and found out that there is a rare wolf from overseas that I thought to be a myth. It seems that this wolf does a number to anyone who is bitten. I took a blood sample and looked at it under the microscope and compared it to the blood sample on the Internet of this rare wolf. My blood cells looked exactly like the sample on the Internet. I finally found out what was happening. I was bitten by a werewolf and now I will transform into one every full moon. I am labeling this journal "the Werewolf Files".