Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Searcher of Souls The Final Part

     When Kate opened her eyes, there stood the dark shadow over her. She looked down and saw her physical body still laying on her couch. She reached down to touch her body but her hand just went through her. She was in a spiritual sense and not addressed in the living anymore. She stood up in front of the dark shadow as he handed her a hooded robe matching the one it was wearing.
     Kate asked the dark shadow if she was dead, but he still made no response. She took the robe and put it on and then began to feel power course through her body as if she had become immortal and powerful. The dark shadow also brought with it a long wooden staff which it also handed to her. Once Kate took the staff she knew there was no turning back. She was now a grim reaper who took the souls of the living.
     She stood there looking at herself in the long mirror which was attached to her bedroom door and saw the new person she was to become. As she stood there, she began to watch as her body slowly faded from the image in the mirror. She was now a part of the dead and spiritual world. From this moment on no one would ever see her again.
     As she turned to speak to the dark shadow, she couldn't believe her eyes. It began to dissolve into ash falling to the floor. Kate stood there watching until the last part of it was laying in a pile of ash on her living room floor. It was now final. She had taken its place as the searcher of souls. Kate found it complexing because she had no handbook to tell her what to do. As she reached for the front doorknob, her hand seemed to grab right through it not touching it at all.
     She stood there thinking of where to go and as soon as she thought about a place she whisked away and before she knew it she was standing in the exact place she thought of. Kate figured it out that she would have to learn as she goes. She began hearing screaming and what sounded to be people in pain. The more she heard them the thoughts of where they were entered her mind. Once she wondered where they were she soon vanished and then realized she was standing right next to them.
     As she noticed the situation of why they were screaming, she remembered what the dark shadow did while standing over someone. She reached her hand out and placed it over the person screaming while trapped inside her car bleeding from being impaled by a steel pipe. It was a car accident where the woman hit a truck from behind carrying steel pipes which hung out from the end of the truck. It penetrated her windshield and impaled her through the chest and into her seat where she was pinned.
     As Kate drew her hand out over the woman, she saw the woman's soul begin to leave her body and enter into Kate's hand. She could feel the soul penetrate her body giving her more power and then it became an adrenalin rush as she watched the woman go lifeless right in front of her. Once the soul was claimed, Kate began to notice the tingling sensation running through her body. She started to wonder if the souls she claims enter in through her as if she was a portal of some kind. One where the soul travels through her to the other side where they will spend eternity.
     Kate was amazed at how simple and fast it would be even though deep down she hated having to kill people as she looked at it. Once she had claimed the souls at the car accident she began hearing people screaming and yelling in her head. There were no people around her but where could the screams be coming from? The minute she focused on them, she was whisked away to find herself in a burning building where people were trapped and began taking their souls watching through the smokey room as their bodies go limp as they take their final breath. One by one each soul entered her body and the more power she felt.
     Once Kate had collected all the souls in that burning house she stood overlooking as their dead bodies began smoldering and burning. The flames ignited by their bodies rose to two-feet high before she whisked away to another location. The one thing that she noticed was that she didn't smell the aroma of burning flesh nor did she feel the heat of the fire. She really was a ghost so to speak. Kate became aware of the powers she had and another one that stuck out was that she didn't feel tired. She was never going to sleep again.
     Being that she was now in the spiritual sense, she was not going to feel or sense things as the human flesh would. She would never become hungry, thirsty, or tired again. It was a new way of thinking for Kate. She was now addressed as the dead walking with the job of taking souls. It became her life now and one by one, souls would be sent through her to the other side where they would be judged accordingly.
     Kate found pleasure in taking the souls of criminals like rapist's and murderers, but it bothered her when it came to taking the souls of unborn babies and infants. The one's who were innocent and could do no wrong. Some were of mother's who were addicted to drugs or those unborn babies who had developmental deformities. It was unbearable at times but she knew deep down it was for the best for those children.
     Day in and day out, Kate traveled around the world taking souls. She was now a part of death and every so often was able to see her friends from a distance and how their lives have changed. She was even able to attend her own funeral and saw how much she was loved and admired. That gave her a sense of peace to know that she made the right decision to become the searcher of souls.

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