Monday, April 16, 2018

The Nightmare

     Ricky was your usual nine-year-old boy who loved to build things and watch horror movies. His favorite horror movies were the slasher films where he would call out who was going to die next. His parents thought that he shouldn't watch those movies but they could not stop him because he would wait until they go to sleep at night and get up quietly just to watch them.
     His favorite time to watch horror movies was during the month of October when every one of his favorite movies was aired. Ricky has a younger sister of five years old who he loves to scare. Every time he scares her you can find her running through the house screaming. His parents have told him several times to stop scaring his sister but that does no good because it seems to be his favorite pastime.
     One night Ricky fell asleep watching a slasher movie on the couch in the living room. He had only slept for a short time before waking up and heading to his bed. He climbed in and snuggled up in his blanket and drifted back off to sleep. This night was a normal night of sleep but it would be the last one for a while.
     The next morning when Ricky woke up in his bed he had no recollection of the last movie he watched last night. It was a new day for fun and scaring his sister some more. His parents thought that it was torture to his sister but it would bite him later in life.
     The parents had to work and the kids stayed with a babysitter who pretty much allowed them to do whatever. She stayed on her phone while his little sister ran through the house screaming while Ricky chased her scaring her. It seemed to last all day until he heard his parents pull into the driveway then he would stop and act like he was an angel all day, but they knew differently.
     When they came inside, they found the babysitter watching television while the kids were in their rooms playing. They asked her how things went and she replied that they were good all day which was a lie but she wanted to get paid. After they paid her Ricky's father escorted her to the door and closed it behind her.
     Once the parents settled in, they went to the kids' rooms to check on them and found Ricky reading one of his horror comic books. They could not understand his addiction to horror and gruesome acts. It was his thing, so they accepted it and hoped that he would grow out of it eventually. So, they left him alone and did not try to stop him anymore.
     That night when Ricky went to bed that night he thought everything was fine. He fell into a deep sleep before it happened. About a few hours later, he was awakened by a cold feeling in the room. He reached down and grabbed his blanket which came off of him as he slept. When he laid back down he went back to sleep.
     During the night while everyone slept soundly, Ricky began dreaming. It was no ordinary dream. He felt like he was right there in the dream. It became a virtual reality sort of dream. He was in a garage with others who were hiding from a maniac with a meat cleaver that was wanting to cut them up and cook them for his dinner. The people who were hiding asked him if he was alright? He shook his head yes.
     Ricky asked them what was going on and they told him about the maniac and what he was wanting to do. That frightened Ricky and he ducked down hiding. He could not understand what was going on and how he got there. All of a sudden, he heard the maniac grunting around as he looked for everyone to butcher up.
     He could hear the high pitch of the meat cleaver scraping against the metal laying around. It frightened him even more. Being ten years old he began to tear up and wondered how he could get out this dream. It was terrifying and he wanted out.
     The others began running and scattering and leaving Ricky there in his hiding place. After a few minutes, he looked around the dresser he was hiding behind and saw the maniac with his meat cleaver in hand. The maniac turned to look his direction and Ricky quickly stepped back behind the dresser. He was unaware that the maniac spotted him.
     As he sat tremoring in fear, he heard the steps of the maniac walking closer to his location. The fear in him rose and that is when he bolted out from his hiding place. Just as he ran out, he felt the swipe of the meat cleaver behind him which almost got him but it tore the back of his shirt. The cleaver waving maniac began to follow him yelling out loudly because he missed him.
     After ducking and dodging things around what looked like a junkyard he still heard the man behind him. He kept running until he couldn't hear him following behind. He stopped and looked back wondering where the maniac went?
     Then he heard someone screaming and wondered what was going on? He was afraid to go check, so instead, he just kept running looking for places to hide until he could figure out how to get out of this nightmare. As he was running, he found himself stumbling around everything worried that the maniac will hear him.
     Ricky finally found a car trunk to get into. He climbed inside and pulled the trunk lid down over him with just a little space to breathe and see where everything was. He did everything he could to hide from the monster that wanted to eat him. It seemed like a lifetime, but a few minutes later he looked out the trunk through his little crack and watched in horror as he saw the maniac kill one of the others by decapitation.
     He began to tear up as he watched this person being cut up into pieces and thrown into a potato sack and hauled off. Ricky waited until he thought the coast was clear before he opened the car trunk and climbed out. As he turned around to close the lid, he looked down into the trunk and saw the remains of a human and realized he was laying on it.
     He closed the lid gently and started walking away when he heard a chainsaw in the distance and someone screaming. He was afraid but also curious about what was happening and began following the screams and noise. It led him through the junkyard to what seemed to be a clearing up ahead. He crouched down behind some junk and observed what was going on.
     It looked like a small camp where the maniac might live. It was dirty and smelled of smoke as he noticed a huge black pot sitting over a fire. Ricky looked around for the maniac and then he saw him come out of a little shed looking building with his chainsaw in his hand. When he looked at his other hand, he saw him dragging someone who was screaming for help. Their hands and feet were bound by rope as they were drug over to the fire.
     Ricky watched in horror as the maniac lifted the person hooking his feet to a hook high up on a pole near the fire. He watched as the maniac cut off the rope that bound their hands and then the maniac grabbed his chainsaw starting it up. As the maniac revved up the chainsaw the person screamed even louder.
     The maniac took the chainsaw and cut off one of his arms and threw it into the pot. Blood poured from that person's body where their arm used to reside. Ricky quickly covered his mouth to not make a sound. He sat there watching as piece after piece of the person was being cut up and thrown into the pot.
     Once the whole body was inside the pot, the maniac sat by it for several minutes waiting for everything to cook. About fifteen minutes later, Ricky watched as the maniac stirred the pot before reaching in and grabbing a piece of the person and lifting it to his mouth. He watched as the cold-blooded killer began eating the person.
     Ricky thought that this was worse than the horror movies he watches on television. He began to sniffle as a tear fell from his eye and rolled down his cheek. After the maniac finished his last bite of the piece he was eating, he smelled another human nearby and began to get up walking around following the smell.
     Ricky began panicking as he felt something walk up behind him. He turned and there standing in front of him was the maniac with some rope in one hand and a machete in the other. He froze and couldn't even scream from fear. The maniac reached down and grabbed Ricky by his arm and drug him back to his camp.
     He brought him over by the same pole Ricky watched him dismember and cook someone. That's when Ricky began screaming. The maniac knocked Ricky down and began to tie his feet together to place him on the hook. Ricky screamed as loud as he could but no one could help him.
     After hanging him by his feet, the maniac went to sharpen his machete to take care of his meal. Ricky watched in horror as he saw the sparks from the machete as it was being sharpened. Ricky was in trouble and about to be a cannibal's meal. As the maniac began walking near Ricky, all he could do was scream. Just when the maniac raised his machete to take off Ricky's arm, he was back in his bed with his mom standing over him.
     Ricky sat up quickly wrapping his arms around his mom's neck and holding her tight. She asked him what was wrong and he replied that he was having a bad nightmare and was so glad that she woke him up. After that night, Ricky never watched another horror movie or scared his sister ever again.

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