Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Searcher of Souls Part 1

     Kate was your everyday female who worked hard at her job and listened to the drama of everyone else's life. She was a friend to many who usually just needed her to listen to their problems and give them some advice. Kate was twenty-six years old, a little big boned for her height, with long blonde hair, and deep brown eyes. She lived alone in her two bedroom apartment which the spare bedroom was for her mother when she came to visit. She worked in an advertising firm which the pay was okay but it did have long hours. She really didn't care for the social nightlife that her friends liked. She only has a drink every now and then but mostly when it is a special occasion.
     Everyday Kate went to work, came home to her fluffy white cat, Pearl, and sat at her desk working on the next day's project. She was no social butterfly but she liked it that way. Her last date was about three weeks ago and it was quick and pleasant, but she wasn't really into the whole dating scene as of yet. She lived a simple life with only a few close friends, her overbearing mother, her fluffy cat Pearl, and an annoying ex-boyfriend who stalks her because she won't take him back.
     Her life might have been simple but she pretty much had a routine that anyone could keep up with. She woke up every morning and headed for the bathroom to shower, get dressed, and put her makeup on. She always just threw her hair into a ponytail and went about her way. She would walk into her kitchen, feed Pearl, and start the coffee maker. While the coffee was brewing Kate would turn on the television and check out the morning news.
     Once the coffee was finished, she would grab a cup, grab her briefcase, and run out the front door. Luckily for her, she only lived a few blocks away from work. As she walked down the street, she would stop at the local news stand for her morning paper. It was such a nice morning on this one particular day that she slowed her pace to work just to take in the fresh morning sunshine. Sipping her coffee, listening to the morning noise of jackhammers and cars, and thinking about her new project she was working on took her mind away just for a few minutes before she witnessed a truly bad pedestrian accident.
     She watched as a pedestrian crossing the street at a crosswalk when suddenly a blue Chevy Nova turned the corner and plowed right into the pedestrian. She watched as the person's frail body flew up into the air and over the Nova's hood. Kate, dropping her coffee, could sense that the person would be badly hurt so she pulled out her cell phone and called the police to report the accident.
     The Chevy Nova stopped and the driver got out to check on the pedestrian, who was laying lifeless on the hood. Kate got a little closer and could see blood running from the person's ears and mouth. It didn't look good for the pedestrian at all. She was an older senior citizen probably in her seventies with a small petite frame. She had white and silver hair and as she lay there on the hood of the car with her eyes open, you could see how sky blue they were.
     Kate got closer and could see that the woman was not breathing and her eyes were in a fixed position to which she looked still as if she were a statue in a wax museum. As Kate stood there staring at this woman with the operator on the phone, she noticed what appeared to be a dark shadow out of the corner of her eye. She looked around in the direction which she saw it and couldn't see anything. By the time she looked back towards the woman she saw this tall dark shadow figure standing right next to the dead woman on the hood of the Chevy Nova.
     She could not see any face and that the shadow appeared to be wearing some type of ritual robe that was hooded covering the face of the visitor. Kate watched as this shadow figure waved its hands over and across the elderly woman's body. After doing this for several minutes, Kate saw this woman's spirit raise up from her body. Kate wiped her eyes to make sure she was seeing thing correctly. The hooded figure looked up in Kate's direction as if he noticed her watching, grabbed the spirits hand who didn't want to go willingly, and then disappeared with it.
     Kate stood there for a few minutes while hearing the ambulance sirens in the background as they came down the road. "Was that who I thought it was?", Kate asked herself. She was not really a religious person and only remember the stories that her mother told her of heaven and hell. Then her older brother who was into the whole heavy metal scene always tried frightening her with a dark spirit known as the grim reaper who took lost souls to hell.
     This figure couldn't have been the grim reaper, he had no sickle in his hand, but she will always remember how he looked at her almost like he would come for her next. She could not see his face well but did notice those eyes that were of flames from hell. They were orangish red and seemed to glow in the darkness that surrounded them. Kate was startled back to reality when a passerby bumped into her, and then she noticed the paramedics trying to revive the old woman. She thought to herself that they would not revive her because she has gone to the other side.
     Kate looked down at her watch and noticed that she was late for work so she hurried by the crowd that was surrounding the accident. She was only a block away from work but it seemed to take such a long time getting there. Once she made her way inside the door she was met by her boss who was concerned about her being late because Kate was never late for work. She informed her boss of the accident she saw on the way over and that sufficed her boss who then went on his way back to his office.
     The work environment at her job was fast paced but Kate could not get that image out of her head. Those eyes which seemed to sere their way through her body as it glanced at her. This figure was taller than any man she knew of and it wore such a creepy robe like it was going to perform some ritual right there on the hood of that car. Before she knew it, she found herself sketching the image that she saw standing over that old woman. It was frightening even on paper.
     Kate noticed that her boss was headed in her direction and quickly put the drawing away as to not let anyone see it. She folded it up and slipped it inside her briefcase closing it just as her boss reached her workstation. "Is everything okay, Kate?", her boss asked. "Yes, everything is fine, Mr. Brennan, just getting things set up to work on the new project", Kate replied. "Good, keep up the good work Kate", her boss stated as he walked away. Kate went ahead and began working on her new project as if nothing strange had happened that morning, and by the end of the day, she had turned in her new ad campaign to her boss who was very pleased with her ideas.
     At the end of the day which seemed to go on forever, Kate was finally headed for home. She stopped in at a local cafe for a bite to eat since she didn't feel up to cooking when she got home. While sitting at the cafe table waiting on her food, Kate's phone went off ringing until she finally grabbed it to answer. When she said "hello", there was a creepy, ghostly-like voice on the phone that said, "I'll be seeing you soon" and then hung up. It startled Kate for a minute before she was on the phone calling one of her friends to come meet her.
     Sarah, who was Kate's closest friend showed up at the cafe wanting to know if Kate was okay. She noticed that Kate sounded a little disturbed when she spoke to her on the phone. Kate was happy to see Sarah and gave her a big hug when she walked up. Sarah sat down at the table when the waitress came over asking if she needed anything to which she replied that she would like a diet soda and a side salad. While the waitress was writing that down on her pad, Kate looked at Sarah and asked, "How is that diet working out for you?" Sarah looked at Kate smiling and replied, "How is that outfit working out for you"?
     They both just laughed and it was good for Kate to laugh being what she is going through at the moment. Kate leaned across the table closer to Sarah whispering to her asking about the grim reaper. Sarah looked up from her phone at her best friend asking if she was alright. Kate nodded and then began telling her about the accident she witnessed earlier that morning. She hesitated for a minute before telling Sarah about the shadowy figure that took the old woman's spirit.
     Sarah reached over feeling Kate's forehead asking if she was feverish. She listened as Kate told her everything about that accident and then told her about the creepy phone call just before she called Sarah. Sarah now had a concerned look on her face as her friend seemed distracted while talking with her. Sarah, who was a devout Christian, spoke to Kate about heaven and hell and all the demons walking around, and that she didn't believe in the grim reaper. That was just a made up creation by someone on acid. They both sat there and just laughed at the whole ordeal before the waitress came over with their food.
     They both turned the conversation to something lite-hearted while enjoying their food. Kate was enjoying a grease dripping hamburger which was making Sarah a little queasy due to her being a vegetarian, but Kate couldn't resist a good burger and that cafe made the best. They sat there conversating while eating before leaving the waitress a tip and heading out the door. While standing outside the cafe door, Sarah lit up a cigarette and when she had blown the white smoke from her mouth, Kate's reply was, "You're a vegetarian who smokes?" Sarah looked over at Kate and they both smiled before hugging goodbye to each other.
     Kate went ahead and walked home, but on the way, she saw yet another car accident where the driver lost control and drove right into a telephone pole ejecting him halfway through the windshield. Again, she reached for her phone calling for an ambulance. While she stood there about ten feet from the wrecked vehicle, Kate, again noticed the same black shadowy figure coming from the other side of the car towards the driver. She watched as the tall figure reached in and grabbed the man's spirit like a child snatching a cookie. She could almost hear the driver's spirit crying out to not take him.
     While Kate stood there in shock, again the dark figure looked up at her with those fiery eyes and spoke the words from the darkness, "I'll see you soon". It made Kate tremble on the inside hearing those words again just like the phone call. This time Kate wasn't waiting around for the ambulance and quickly walked to her apartment. She did not stop until she was behind her apartment door locked tight. She thought to herself, "Was it talking to me"? She felt a little more relaxed being home and hearing Pearl meowing for food.
     She walked into her kitchen and opened a can of cat food for Pearl and waited while her cat jumped up onto the counter to eat before standing there petting it and telling Pearl how her day went. Once Pearl was finished eating and jumped down off of the counter, Kate went into the living room, turning on the television only to see the news about the pedestrian accident she witnessed earlier that morning. She sat there staring at the television and watching it all the way up until the paramedics got there but did not see the dark figure standing above the old woman.
     "Could she have imagined the whole thing being in shock?", she thought to herself. Kate quickly got up from her chair and went over to her desk sitting down in front of the computer and searched for the term "grim reaper" which pulled up many images that people had drawn or imagined. While skimming the page, she came across the exact replica of the tall dark figure she witnessed. It was him just without the sickle part. Kate sat there staring at this picture before pulling the drawing from her briefcase for comparison. It was an exact match.
     Kate had now convinced herself that what she saw was, in fact, the grim reaper, the searcher of souls. At that moment, Kate heard a knock at her door. When she walked over to open the door, she peered out the eye hole to see who it was. There was no one there or no one that she could see.anyway, so she opened the door slowly. Once she looked outside the door, there in front of her was the dark, shadowy figure she had seen twice today standing at her doorway.
     Kate has turned and slammed the door in fear of what she just saw. Once the door was closed and locked, she turned around to find the dark figure standing inside her apartment and right in front of her. She quickly got her wits together and asked it what it wanted. She watched as it's skeletal hand with melting flesh reached out to her. She stepped back and again asked it what it wanted. The figure spoke out from the darkness saying that it had come for her. At that moment, everything went black.

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