Friday, February 10, 2017

The Searcher of Souls Part 2

     Once Kate regained consciousness and opened her eyes there was no one there. She realized that she was laying flat on her brownish gray carpeted floor with Pearl sitting next to her. She sat up and while her body was leaning forward a small black card fell from her stomach and onto the floor next to her. She picked it up and it looked somewhat like a business card which read, "Welcome to the Club, I'm Coming for YOU". This had freaked Kate out a little as she tried to run things through her mind as to what happened before she blacked out.
     Once Kate was back on her feet she looked around her living room and there was no sign of anyone being there. She even unlocked her door and looked out into the hallway. No sign of anyone, just this card she found. She hesitated for a minute to gather her thoughts before going into her kitchen for a glass of tea. Then, her phone rang which scared her for a minute as she almost jumped out of her skin. She looked over to the phone and watched it as it rang again. She went ahead and walked towards the ringing slim line phone hanging on the wall. It had rung two more times before she actually answered it.
     Once she picked up the phone, before she put it to her ear, she could hear the voice of her best friend Lindsay. It gave Kate a sense of calmness hearing her friends voice on the phone. She finally said, "hello" and Lindsay starting asking her if she was alright. Kate had retained her wits about her and began talking with Lindsay like nothing had happened. Her friend of many years who had since moved away to take a better job was in town and wanted to spend some quality time with her best friend.
     Kate was ecstatic about her friend being in town and was excited about meeting up with her and catching up on old times. Lindsay told Kate where to meet her which was a small little cafe downtown in about an hour. Kate agreed and then got off the phone to get herself ready. She went into her bedroom and changed her clothes to put something more casual and comfortable on before she headed out the door, She again hesitated that something wasn't quite right. She did one final look around the living room before leaving to go meet her friend.
     As she walked downstairs and out the front door of her building, she still had that eerie feeling something wasn't right. Kate shrugged it off and began walking towards downtown to meet her friend. She noticed how beautifully blue the sky was, all the bird flying around, and that the sun quenched her skin with vitamin K. It was so beautiful to be outside where the air was fresh. As she was admiring the scenery, she happened to notice a group of people standing around up ahead of her and staring upwards. As Kate approached the group, she noticed everyone was staring up as a female was standing on the ledge of her building. People were yelling up at her and her boyfriend was sticking his head outside of a window two windows over. He was trying to get her to come back in but she stood there crying and yelling at him. Then, as everyone gazed up she jumped from her ledge and fell four stories to her death on the concrete sidewalk.
     Everyone began feeling upset and crazed that they had just witnessed a woman committing suicide. Everyone surrounded her lifeless body and some were trying to revive her, while other's were on cell phones calling the police. As Kate moved closer to where the woman's body lay on the concrete, she looked around as everyone scrambled, and some were even crying. Then, it appeared almost out of nowhere, the dark shadowy figure, standing over the woman's body. He stood there for a minute looking down at her before waving his fleshy skeletal hand over her. I watched as he plucked her soul right from her body.
     Kate could see the soul rise up from the body screaming and fighting to stay. Once he had a good grip on her, he looked up at Kate who was standing there in disbelief. She could not see any eyes, just darkness under his cloak. He was there for what seemed forever but disappeared in the blink of an eye. Kate jumped out of her stillness as the people around her were busy screaming, talking, and crying with one another. She politely asked the man next to her if he saw that, and he replied with "yes, I saw her jump from the overhead ledge", but that was not was Kate was referring too, She wondered how it came to be that she could see this dark figure and no one else could.
     After standing there for a few minutes she remembered that she was supposed to be meeting her friend Lindsay and turned to walk down the sidewalk past the group of onlookers. As she got closer to the little cafe, she spotted Lindsay getting out of her car. Kate caught up to her as Lindsay was opening the door. They gave each other a big hug once inside the door and walked toward a table in the corner of the cafe to sit. The waitress came over and asked them if they were ready to order and both of the women just asked for a latte for the moment.
     Kate was just so excited to see her friend especially with what has been going on lately. It seemed as if Kate could not go anywhere without someone dying in front of her. She was more concerned with why this dark figure was only seeable by her and why it chose her. What did it want? These were questions that only Kate could find the answers too, but she was done thinking about it for now and wanted to gossip with her friend for a bit.
     Kate and Lindsay chatted and laughed for a bit about what has been going on in their lives. Kate had nothing to worry about while she was with her friend. They sat and drank their latte without a care in the world. They had missed each other so much since Lindsay went away two years ago. They had kept in contact through email, letters, and photos. Kate was just so happy to see Lindsay again that she couldn't keep from smiling.
     As Kate and Lindsay traded life stories, Kate had looked over and noticed the dark figure standing in the window. It stood there watching her as if it had a purpose for her. Kate tried to ignore it and began listening and making eye contact with Lindsay. Lindsay could see Kate was distracted and asked her what was wrong and if she was okay. Kate just smiled and told her everything was fine when it really wasn't.
     Once their time was up and Lindsay had to go, Kate walked her outside after paying the ticket for the latte's. They went outside the door and gave each other a huge hug and said they would keep in touch. Kate watched as Lindsay walked away before she headed back towards her house. She still had that eerie feeling as if someone was watching her. She tried to shrug it off but it just kept bothering her.
     When she made it home and got inside her door she felt strange as if someone had been in her house. When she closed the door and turned around there was this dark shadowy figure standing before her. It startled her and she took a step back being pinned up against her door. The dark figure just stood there until Kate asked in in a demanding voice what it wanted. The figure just stood there staring at her.
     Finally, the figure reached out and grabbed Kate's hand and before she knew it she was seeing through his eyes. All of the souls trapped in Hell. She could feel their pain and hear their screaming. It was giving Kate such a terrible feeling. She didn't understand why he was showing her this. She could feel the heat from the brimstone and smell the sulfur. It was such a horrifying experience and she wanted to return to her house. When she let go of his hand she realized she was still standing in the same spot against her door.
     As she stood there staring at what she believed now to be the searcher of souls, it reached inside its cloak and pulled out a piece of paper and Kate could see how old the parchment was. It reached out as if to hand it to her. Kate was hesitant at first but it seemed that it wanted Kate to read it. She took the parchment from its hand and began opening it. Once she had it opened she gazed upon the old creepy handwriting to read it. It was written almost like an invitation but was more demanding of her to become a messenger of death. It wanted her to be the next searcher of souls.

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